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serving California from Solano County

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How we help Home Buyers.

After listening to your wants, needs, hopes and wishes we get to work to find candidate properties for your consideration.   Sometimes the first home you look at is THE ONE.  More often you'll want to tour many properties and neighborhoods.

The New City Realty staff has the patience and experience to guide you through the steps to home ownership.

Questions + Answers from New City Realty

Selling your Property with NEW CITY REALTY

Our tools and methods include:

Internet:  including the Multiple Listing Service and the popular Real Estate web sites.

Outreach to area Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders and trades people to maximize networking opportunities.

Open Houses. An excellent opportunity to reach out and meet the day’s most motivated shoppers.  Open Houses also get the neighborhood buzzing with invaluable “word of mouth” and social media messages.

Staging. Homes are "staged" on an as needed basis to accent your property.  Staging can help prospective Buyers to visualize and measure how they would feel living in your property.

Targeted direct mailings. A tried and true method of marketing.  Provides a personal touch, direction and control not available on the web.

How is the sale price for my property determined?

Together, we will review recent comparable closed sales. Examine other properties currently on the market as well as relevant factors such as property condition and Sale urgency. Together, we'll determine a sales strategy and Listing Price intended to fulfill your property

sale goal.

Special Situations

Short Sales, Probate, Foreclosures or ?

Experience, patience and knowledge are the keys.  Please contact us directly so we can examine your situation,

review and discuss solutions.