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This “Web site” is not responsible for services, statements or content located on other web properties, which may be accessible via hyper-links located on the “Web site” or described on the “Web site”.  The “Web site”, New City Realty, Best Pipe and Voice are not responsible for conduct, performance of third party service providers or outside service providers or any non-owned web site.

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The “Web site” does not collect, sell, trade, exchange information regarding Viewers of the “web site”.  Other Internet properties that may be accessible via hyper-links from this location, or described on this “Web site”, have their own, separate Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.  Viewers are cautioned to review those conditions as needed.  Viewers are advised that the Terms of Use listed here do not extend or apply to outside web properties.  The “Web site”, New City Realty, Best Pipe and Voice are not responsible for damages or monetary loss due to accidental or intentional programming errors. Due to malware, spy ware, computer virus, or other forms of criminal computer activity or due to activities occurring on other web properties, even if accessed via a hyper-link located on this “Web site”.

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